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May 29, 2021 · Read the comments section. If there are serious issues with a mod, this is usually where you'll find reports. If the mod writer has comments turned off, there's often a link to a Discord or Twitter account you can check out for feedback. Add-On Managers There are many add-on managers currently out there, but I'm only going to mention three..

But in the meantime, for those of us who hate it, there is a small code change that can be made to disable it. (At your own risk) Go to \World of Warcraft_classic_\Interface\AddOns\AdiBags\core Open Constants.lua Change Line 36 from: local BAGS = { [KEYRING_CONTAINER] = KEYRING_CONTAINER, [BACKPACK_CONTAINER] = BACKPACK_CONTAINER } to:. I think that it should also be known that you can turn on and off any aspect of the UI. For me, love the unit frames/raid frames and bags but still keep all the skins and action bars to.

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Turn it on to open the tutorials window. Once the window is open, swipe down to the right, this will open a global context menu. Go to TalkBack Setting and press the volume button together to suspend TalkBack. Now tap on help & feedback. Tap on Get started with voice access and click on the video to play it on YouTube. Tap on Share and choose ....

Simpler - turn them all off and switch one on at a time until you get one or more to fall over. Then report to the relevant authors with a full list of all the add-ons you use, for them to check for incompatibilities.

But while searching how to disable the HP bar, I saw some Addon recomendations, and I didn't wanted to try. The only one I've right now is a Quest Helper and a Profession one. Some basic addons that might make playing WoW more tolerable. Xperl / Shadowed Unit Frames and more for those better looking unit frames.

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